Video: Grace Islet Benefit Concert

On Saturday Nov. 22 a special Benefit Concert and Silent Auction was held to help protect Grace Islet, the First Nations burial ground in Ganges Harbour that is being desecrated by construction of a private home. Opened with a traditional prayer by highly respected Elder Luschiim (Arvid Charlie) and a song by his nephew Louis Sylvester of Cowichan Tribes, it was an extraordinary evening, shared by about 200 people of all ages.

Incredibly talented performers, including Bill Henderson the Barefoot Thieves, Duck Creak, Tara McLean, Daryl Chonka, Daniel Howlett, Chris Arnett, Naomi Jason, Vaughn Fulford, Peter Prince, Phil Vernon, Wesley Hardisty, Olivia Budd, Kryztina Unity, Yael Wand, Harry Warner and Friends, and the Gaia Soul Sistah’s Song Circle provided top-notch entertainment and an evening of magical energy that few of us will forget. Technical wizard Mark LeCorre did an amazing job on sound and lights, with help from Daryl Chonka, Gord Ross, Peter Prince and others.

Many volunteers brought scrumptious desserts, and Night Owl Farm donated organic apple juice for all to enjoy. The Silent Auction saw numerous beautiful items generously donated and happily purchased. Through this wonderful offering by musicians, artists and supporters we raised over $9000, which will help cover legal costs of protection and restoration for the Grace Islet sacred cultural site. Here are some highlights (with more to follow)


Bill Warriner

Let Molokai Change You

Grace Islet Benefit "Don't Build Your House on My Bones"

Bill Henderson and Friends, “Sacred Island”

Tara McLean, "Northern Lights"

Louis Sylvester, "We Stand as One"

Phil Vernon and friends, "Reefnet Fishery"

Yael Wand sings "All We Are"

November 28, 2014 11:19 AM

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