Photos: Climate vs. Capitalism - Going Down The Dirty Road

Salt Spring Island was graced this past weekend with an inspiring discussion about climate and capitalism with celebrated author Naomi Klein. The Salt Spring Forum hosted event was sold out at the Salt Spring Middle School with a capacity crowd of 500. The discussion was moderated by Ronald Wright, the award-winning author of A Short History of Progress and the Salt Spring Forum’s Michael Byers, both of whom are residents of Salt Spring Island.

Klein spoke passionately and articulately about our need to rethink the economics of growth, the divestment movement and in particular and most relevant to Salt Spring, the need for building local, resilient communities as a means to live more equitably within the resources afforded to us as stewards of the natural world.

Klein’s stop on Salt Spring was part of a national tour engaging communities in discussion around her new book -  This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate which is available locally from Salt Spring Books.

October 27, 2014 9:23 AM

Community Comments

  • Avatar Oemissions says:

    thanks for writeup and photos
    you summed it up well
    many could not makeout what Ronald Wright said but we heard Naomi fine

  • Avatar Karen W says:

    Thank you for your write-up and, in particular, the second paragraph. Since the session (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I've been struggling to sort through all I heard and discern the key messages. Great summary!