Solar Scholarship Project To Be Launched at Renewable Energy Conference

The GISS Solar Scholarship Project is an innovative new partnership between the Transition Salt Spring Community Energy Group (TSSCEG) and School District 64. The project will see the installation of 20 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic panels on the high school roof, funded by grants and donations from the community. When complete, the installation will be the largest school-based solar PV array in the Province and also the largest community-funded solar power array.

The electricity generated by the array will be monitored as it is fed into the grid. The Board of SD64 and Administration have enthusiastically agreed to put the hydro bill savings into a scholarship fund for students who are anticipating further studies in climate action, renewable energies, renewable energy trades certifications, and similar endeavors. The project will also involve expansion of renewable energy education throughout the District, and installation of solar vehicle charging capacity. The SD64 School Board unanimously approved the project in December and since then, TSSCEG members have begun the engineering and planning of the PV installation as well as preparing for the fund-raising campaign. The campaign target will be about $80,000.

The GISS Solar Scholarship Project is an ideal model for beginning the journey toward a low carbon future for the Gulf Islands. For more information and to donate to the Project, please visit

Ron Watts - GISS Students


By David Denning

I am a film-maker, photographer, naturalist, and science educator who has lived on Salt Spring Island for 17 years. My hobbies include kayaking, mountaineering, gardening and other forms of goofing around. My partner, Deborah Miller, and I are active with the Salt Spring Island Conservancy.

March 18, 2014 8:09 PM