People Profile: Linda Ramsey

Community People Profiles is a series on the Salt Spring Exchange featuring local personalities on our dynamic Gulf Island. Our People Profiles are short interviews, with one answer questions to share with you a little about what each of the people we will feature are thinking about as they go about their lives living on Salt Spring Island.

This weeks featured local people profile is: Linda Ramsey

Linda Ramsey, a life long Islander and one of the owners of Pharmasave Salt Spring, is currently celebrating the 50 years her family has had a stake in the Pharmacy. Linda joined the Pharmasave team as a partner, along with her husband Gary, in 1997 and loves the creative day to day opportunities and working with her valued customers and team. We caught up with her as she zipped between the downtown and uptown stores and asked her our favourite five short questions.

Q. What brought you to Salt Spring Island?
A. My parents, Les and Sue Ramsey, moved over to the island from Victoria in 1963, the year they bought the drug store and, as a six month old baby, I came along for the ride!

Q. What one thing about Salt Spring would you tell someone who has never visited the island?
A. I would tell them to leave their cell phones at home and remind them that their eyes are for seeing the beauty before them!

Q. If you had a magic Salt Spring wand, what island thing would you change.
A. I would wave my wand out the front door of our downtown store and bring back the crosswalk to Centennial Park that used to be there before the Highways Department took it away – I would also make the concrete triangle disappear and plant some trees!

Q. Which well known person, living or dead, do you think would be a good addition to the island.
A. I would bring my Dad, Les Ramsey, back because he’s my hero – and he loved listening to Louis Armstrong, so he can come too!

Q. Is there a really good interview question I should have asked you....and what would the answer be.
A. You asked me what brought me to Salt Spring, but you didn’t ask me why I stayed… I live here because it’s the most beautiful place on earth and has been a wonderful community for our daughter, Lauren, to have grown up in.

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