People Profile: Lisa Cherneff

Community People Profiles is a series on the Salt Spring Exchange featuring local personalities on our dynamic Gulf Island. Our People Profiles are short interviews with one answer questions to share with you a little about what each of the people we will feature are thinking about as they go about their lives living on Salt Spring Island.

This Weeks Featured Local People Profile is: Lisa Cherneff

Lisa Cherneff, businesswoman, mountain runner, islander and billboard star. Born and raised on Salt Spring with a spell in the big city for University and back to the Island to start with Salt Spring Air, when it was not much more than a plane and an idea that flew. Lisa has become the smile that greets tens of thousands of islanders and visitors a year as they enter her office at Salt Spring Air. We caught up with her between scheduling flights and keeping fit by running up a mountain and asked her our favourite five short questions.

Q. What brought you to Salt Spring Island?

My mom & dad came to the island in 1975 and I was born a couple of years later. I left when I was 18 years old, only to return ten years later to reunite with my high school sweetheart. This is also when my love affair with Salt Spring Air began…

Q. What one thing about Salt Spring would you tell someone who has never visited the island?

Visit the Saturday Market early on a summer morning to meet some of our most talented local entrepreneurs.

Q. If you had a magic Salt Spring wand, what island thing would you change?

I would like to see more opportunities for our young Salt Spring Islanders.

Q. Which well known person, living or dead, do you think would be a good addition to the island. How about two…

Simon Sinek - To inspire action
John Fluevog – Shoe designer

Q. Is there a really good interview question I should have asked you....and what would the answer be.

Why do I like living on Salt Spring?

Being close to my family, hiking the trails with my dogs year round, living & working in the village of Ganges, the close proximity to Victoria & Vancouver, and last but not least the people… we have a truly unique community.

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