Sackbut and Vocal Ensemble Peforms Sunday

After all the fog we’ve been having the last few weeks, Salt Springers know a thing or two about the meaning of the word “obscure.” We know that the harbour, the hills, the contours of this place are as lovely as ever, only hidden from view.

The same thing can be true about music. Time can obscure real gems that remain gems nevertheless, however unfamiliar:

Consider for example Adam Jarzebski, Mikolaj Zielenski and Jacek Hyancithus Rozycki. They were Baroque composers living in the late 17th century, and are no doubt as obscure as you can get, certainly in comparison to Vivaldi, Corelli or Scarlatti. Even worse, they were composers at the Polish court at a time when all eyes were on Italy, Germany and England, and we all know how distant Eastern Europe was and is from anywhere.

On top of that, think of the sackbut and admit that it is about as obscure a musical instrument as you are likely to hear on Salt Spring, or anywhere. Blessed with its funny name, the sackbut was an early precursor of the modern trombone, which is itself not exactly the musical instrument of choice for a contemporary concert.

Against all these odds, the early-music ensemble Sacabuche, comes to ArtSpring to perform a concert of Baroque music from Poland on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 3. They are an amazing group of musicians who specialize in bringing lovely music to light from the unfairly obscuring mists of the past.

Founded by Canadian Linda Pearce at the Indiana University’s Early Music Institute, the ensemble consists of soprano Kathryn Summersett, three sackbuts, two Baroque violins, bass, and Baroque organ. Now a group independent from the university, Sacabuche tours extensively throughout North America and is widely recognized as one of America’s key early-music ensembles.

One reviewer has said: “Sacabuche is simply one of the finest young early music ensembles on the scene today — their performances are truly compelling.”

To give the audience a context for the music and the instruments, the 2:30 concert will be preceded by a pre-show chat at 1:30.

Tickets for the Nov. 3 concert are available from the ArtSpring Ticket Centre at 250-537-2102 or online.

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October 30, 2013 12:52 PM