Governance Study Deadline Extended

The Governance Study Committee is in the final stages of the process that began in March, 2012 after the Provincial government agreed to a governance study. Now that we are close to presenting our recommendation, it is more important than ever that you let us know your views. After your Thanksgiving celebrations, please take 10 minutes to complete our second and final survey. We have extended the date to OCTOBER 18 to give you plenty of time after the holiday weekend to do so. And please urge your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

The survey is available at and at the PARC office on Vesuvius Bay Road, the public library and the Fulford Post Office.

Governance is too important to let others determine our future. Visit our website to get a clear understanding of the current governance situation on the island and the general implications of a change for citizens and service providers. The website identifies the main differences between rural and municipal governance, the only options that the Provincial government has mandated the Committee to consider.

Our fact sheet #4 will be available online the week of October 21. In addition, two more public forums are planned: at 6:30pm on Oct 28 at the Community Gospel Church on Vesuvius Bay Road, and at 7pm on Oct 29 at Fulford Hall. Please plan to attend one of these events, to participate in the discussion, to get answers to any questions you have, and to learn about the Committee's findings to date.

Some community members have pointed out errors in our materials - these have been corrected. We appreciate the community keeping us on our toes!

Others have presented false information, questioned the impartiality of Committee members and, in some cases, attacked the character and motives of Committee members. We strongly object to such accusations. Some have suggested that changing to a municipal structure would spell the demise of the Trust. Not so. The Trust's mandate of "preserve and protect" would remain in place.

Based on the information it receives from the community, the Committee will present a recommendation to the government on whether to undertake an incorporation study. So please complete the survey by October 18 and let your views help shape the future of Salt Spring.

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By Pat Preston

I am a recent transplant from Vancouver. Prior to coming to Salt Spring, I had many lives: journalist, freelance writer, communications executive, journalism instructor, volunteer and advocate for women's issues. I love Salt Spring--its people, its beauty, its cultural activities and the opportunity it provides for stimulating and provocative discussion. Currently I serve on the Board of the Salt Spring Arts Council and am writing about the lives behind the faces of Salt Springers you see every day.

October 15, 2013 8:27 AM