Trifolia Jazz Trio Performs June 20th

Trifolia is a word often applied to a plant with three leaves. Holding true to its organic roots, Trifolia, a jazz trio from Quebec, plays at ArtSpring June 20th at 8:00 p.m. This group of three musicians form a dynamic, living unit, and open ArtSpring’s Summer Sounds Great concert series. Trifolia will be certain to share its passion for heartfelt jazz with its Salt Spring audience.

The trio’s three extraordinary artists – pianist Marianne Trudel, double bassist Etienne Lafrance, & percussionist Patrick Graham – create astonishing music that mixes jazz with romantic music and global rhythms. In a video on the ArtSpring website that everyone should watch, Marianne describes her love for each of the musicians’ differences and how they combine their unique backgrounds to make beautiful music.

Marianne Trudel is one of the most respected jazz musicians in Quebec. She is the recipient of the Prix Étoiles Galaxie de Radio-Canada at the 2007 Montreal Jazz Festival and audience members here will be in for a real treat. Having grown up on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Marianne’s relationship with nature is vital to her creativity. To nourish herself artistically, she goes into nature and then brings that harmony and openness back to her music. We can be sure she will be at home on beautiful Salt Spring Island.

The trio’s percussionist Patrick Graham often thinks outside of the box when it comes to percussion. Patrick has been known to combine sounds like those of wood, metal, and grains to create original rhythms. He loves texture and finds this creative play extremely inspiring. Additionally, the group’s double bassist Etienne Lafrance mesmerizes listeners with his deep sensitive sounds.

Trifolia’s engaging artists are well worth listening to and have been garnering enthusiastic praise at every turn. ArtSpring is so confident that people will love the short seven-minute YouTube film about this jazz trio that they’re offering a $4 discount on tickets to anyone who watches the short film. After viewing it, people can come to the ArtSpring Ticket Centre (or phone at 537-2102) and say that they saw the film. They’ll then receive $4 off the already reasonable ticket price of $19 (or $16.15 for ArtSpring members). Remember, summer does sound great at ArtSpring – especially with Trifolia!


By ArtSpring

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June 13, 2013 10:24 AM