Voting Results: 2013 Fire Trustee Election

Here are the preliminary results of the 2013 Salt Spring Island Fire Board Trustee Election as provided by Deputy Returning Officer Anthony Kennedy. Final official results will be provided by Returning Officer, Tom Moore in the coming days.

Ron Chamney and Michael Schubart have been re-elected to the board:

Here are the preliminary vote results:

Chamney, Ronald Burnet: 703
Schubart, Michael: 709

Simmons, Scott Micheal: 398
Steele, Darlene Shirley: 403

Here are the official preliminary results as posted at the fire hall.

Salt Spring Fire Posted Results

Photo: Christopher Roy

Thank you to all those that ran for office. We appreciate that you gave your time and energy to the discourse, debate and democratic process for our Salt Spring Island community and the fire fighters and volunteers of Salt Spring Island Fire & Rescue. Thank you also to the thousands of you shared, commented, sent feedback and responded to the numerous postings on the Exchange. The conversation wasn't always easy, but the conversation and debate are important.

Here are the results from our online poll after 250 voters participated in the anonymous online sample polling. Final results were very similar to our online poll results.

Salt Spring Fire Trustee - Online Poll Results

There was a fantastic turn out. Long lines for most of the day today. Thank you to all who voted.

Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue Fire Board Trustee Voting

Photo: Christopher Roy

April 13, 2013 7:09 PM

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