Salt Spring Island It Is!

It would seem that those of who call Salt Spring Island come can't agree on much. There are as many opinions about the Islands Trust, the CRD, 4-way stops, bike paths, etc. etc. as there are the number of people living on the island. Well, at least we mostly know what we want to call the place. In our recent poll asking which is the preferred way to write Salt Spring Island, Saltspring Island or Salt Spring Island, after 500 votes in our poll, a statistical sample of 5% of the of the island, there is a clear winner:

It's Salt Spring Island.

While the debate about metal recycling, the Roasting company decisions, the general state of things around here rages on, at least we seem to agree on one thing. That's a start isn't it?

Salt Spring Name Poll

Salt Spring Island Name

March 27, 2013 11:00 AM