Salt Spring Island or Saltspring Island?

Perhaps the most dangerous question we could possibly think of asking in an online poll. Which of the following is more correct? Salt Spring Island or Saltspring Island? Official versions in multiple locations from Canada Land Registry to Canada Post often tout different official and historial versions. The question has pitted islanders against islanders for decades. Numerous notable island businesses use different variations. BC Ferries even has multiple variations in different spots at different terminals. How do people even get here? In our family, we have two children born on island. They were born on the floor (no joke), both in the same spot, in the same house, on the same island, or so we thought. On one of their birth certificates it says 'Salt Spring Island' on the other 'Saltspring Island'. Time to settle this once and for all. What is your vote?

March 5, 2013 9:18 AM

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