Plotting the Green Industrial Revolution

If the industrial revolution evokes images of coal and iron, factories and railways, what does the “green industrial revolution” bring to mind?

Marc Lee, Senior Economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) will discuss just that, at a Salt Spring Forum event on Feb. 15th at ArtSpring.

Salt Spring Islanders will have heard Marc Lee on CBC Radio’s Early Edition as part of the regular business panel. Or read his frequent articles in the Vancouver Sun and Victoria Times Colomnist. Or studied the literally 100s of research reports that he has produced during his fourteen years with the CCPA, where he tracks budgets and economic trends and analyzes core policy policy issues, ranging from poverty, to globalization, to energy, tax and transportation. They might even know him as the Chair of the Progressive Economics Forum, or the co-Chair of the Climate Justice Project, a $1 million research partnership between the CCPA and UBC.
Marc Lee’s approach will certainly speak to islanders, who are well-known for “outside-the-box” thinking. He consistently argues against conventional wisdoms, despite having been “classically trained” in economics at Upper Canada College and the University of Western Ontario. His willingness to challenge authority has made him a catalyst for some of this province’s most significant debates, including over the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
As humanity struggles to address the global economic and environmental crises, Marc Lee’s voice provides reason for hope and activism. The Salt Spring Forum is proud to bring such an important “change agent” to Salt Spring Island.

Tickets for the Februry 15th (7:30 p.m.) event are $20 (general admission) or $15 for Forum members and available at Salt Spring Books, the ArtSpring Box Office, and online at

February 5, 2013 5:43 PM

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