Governance Study Committee Members Selected

Following a public invitation for volunteers, we are pleased to advise that the members of the Governance Study Committee are as follows: Carole Eyles, Jack Giles, Dion Hackett, Jacquie Harkema, Gerda Lattey, Tim Marchant, John McPherson, Nicole Melanson, Pat Preston, Bob Rush, Stanley Shapiro. Ex-officio members: Wayne McIntyre, George Grams, Peter Grove

The Committee will hold its first meeting at 4pm on 22 January 2013 at the CRD Portlock Park office (Central). The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development will chair the meeting, where the Committee will receive a briefing on its role and responsibilities in the governance study process, elect a committee chair and assign other key committee roles. At subsequent meetings the Committee will identify opportunities for public involvement, finalize the terms of reference, develop an education and engagement strategy for dissemination of the study findings, and direct a consultant in the development of the study and implementation of the education and engagement strategy.

We look forward to working with this strong Committee which is representative of our community, made up of talented and dedicated individuals. Three times as many well qualified people volunteered for the Committee as we were allowed to appoint, and it was no easy task making the final decision. We thank all those who put their names forward.

Further information about the Committee is available at its website:

Electoral Area Director Salt Spring Island Wayne McIntyre
Salt Spring Island Local Trustees George Grams and Peter Grove

January 14, 2013 2:25 PM

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