Free for Organic Farmers Always!

Its no secret that Salt Spring Island is one of the most progressive local food communities in Canada. The island is home to many of those lovers of life radical enough to labour planting seeds and raising animals to feed and nurture us. Lovers of food and life who grow and labour year after year to feed our today, and our tomorrow and work to help us all appreciate the craft of food grown in relationship with the land.

To you these lovers of the seed and the land, we have a special message:

The Salt Spring Exchange supports you if you're a local organic grower who wants and needs a market to sell your goods. We support you because local, organic food is at the root of sharing and community building and decoupling our reliance on increasingly complex financial and market systems that routinely fail to serve the needs of our communities.

We support you because local, organic food is at the heart of stable local economies. We support you because local, organic food is full of rich nutrients and just plain and simply tastes better than our inter-modelly shipped and manufactured food cousins.

How many other online community sites that are as active as the Salt Spring Exchange can boast they were started in part with the work an island apple farmer? Salt Spring's very own Harry Burton - Captain Apple himself! This is history we're proud of and won't forget.

So here's our promise and our ask - Free for organic farmers always!

As the growing season begins to take full shape, if you have produce to sell, sell it on the Exchange for free. Have a special on your roadside stand? Promote it on the Exchange for free. Need help on your farm, work trade, work bee? Promote it on the Exchange for free. Want to build a market for your organic starts, crops and animals? Promote it on the Exchange for free. If you grow local, organic food - The Exchange is yours to promote and sell your wares, for free, always. You can buy, sell, trade with time, things, money and Salt Spring Dollars on the Salt Spring Exchange. More than 15,000 people use the Exchange every month, 4,000 people every single day, seven days a week. Make sure they know about what you have to offer. (All data verified by Google.)

For the love of seed, food and life - Free for organic farmers always!

Christopher Roy
The Salt Spring Exchange

June 5, 2012 8:46 AM

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