Honour for Elders with Stephen Jenkinson

An evening talk on Salt Spring Island for friends, families, parents and grandparents about the need for eldership, not just retirees. June 4th, 7-9 PM at the United Church.

"If you get to something like old age and if you don’t retire, you are one sure thing in a storm tossed life, and an old tree that could give shade for the young ones to rest beneath." - Stephen Jenkinson

Young people need and deserve real recognition of their worth and purpose in life, and a living example of enduring discernment and courage for the hard and often empty times that are upon us all. The esteem of parents and friends can only go so far: elders must bring the rest. Grandparents must be grand not only for their children’s children, but for all the young ones coming into the world now. Their status as grand people comes from having wrangled wisdom from experience, and from having become elders more than senior citizens. Grandparents must now be elders even – especially – when no one asks it of them.

This is a talk for elders. It is for anyone with a desire to be useful to those now inheriting an endangered and often dangerous world. It is for those who have an instinct and a desire to be an ancestor worth being claimed, worth coming from. We will learn something of the skills of grace in a graceless time, of mentorship and true teaching, of fierce and exemplary compassion. We will coax wisdom from old experience, and maybe we can replace retirement with esteemed elder-hood.

Stephen will be in the Salt Spring area to conducted this talk, and also to teach at Royal Roads University. There will also be a screening of his film 'Grieflwaker' at Royal Roads as well for those that might be interested in attending in Victoria.

About Stephen Jenkinson, MTS, MSW

Spiritual activist, teacher, author, storyteller, ceremonialist and farmer. He is the founder of The Orphan Wisdom School where he teaches the mandatory arts of living deeply and dying well.

Stephen is also the subject of Griefwalker, a National Film Board of Canada feature documentary film, a lyrical, poetic portrait of his work with dying people and shows him teaching the redemptive power of deep love for life, when life glimpses its end. His books and live-recorded teachings are available from his website at www.orphanwisdom.com.

Where: United Church
Date: June 4th
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: Buy online to guarantee a seat or pay $25 at the door
For more information: 537-1817

May 23, 2012 11:34 AM

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