Fix the Fulford Ferry Terminal

BC Ferries has been working for some time on a badly needed Masterplan to upgrade the ferry terminal in Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island. The Corporation warned at last week's Salt Spring Island Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting that pedestrians and cyclists may not be accommodated in the Plan. This news came one week after the CRD announced that Salt Spring Island is to be included in the Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan. Community groups have all cited the critical need to address not only the "pinchpoint" traffic issue in Fulford but also the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the terminal area. Get your voice heard with the Salt Spring Island Transportation Committee - Vote in this poll.

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Fast Facts

  • BC Ferries has agreement from three property owners in Fulford Village to cede property to MoT for the road allowance
  • BC Ferries will now apply to MoT for a License of Occupation for all works on the MoT right-of-way
  • In the interim, BC Ferries has presented a suggested upgrade road design to MoT for discussion purposes
  • FAC members were "warned" that the final design "may not include a pathway or sidewalk" for pedestrians and that the final design "would most certainly not include a bikeway"
  • BC Ferries has decided to give priority to the "pinchpoint" issue
  • BC Ferries hopes the construction phase will take place in Spring 2013


May 10, 2012 3:29 PM

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