Wow! 15,000 People Posted 75,000 Listings

It's coming up on the end of 2011 and the 3rd birthday of the Salt Spring Exchange. We wanted to give you an update on how things are going here behind scenes.

Since 2008, the Exchange evolved from a basic email list, merged with Harry Burton's email list, turned into to a Google Group email list, then into the web based experience you now see. It has taken hundreds of hours of work each year, the financial support of many donors and support from local businesses to keep it going. The vision is simple:

* Serve the residents of Salt Spring Island with a vital resource for community sharing
* Deliver the best possible online experience for local news, stories, event and classified listings
* Dedicate that online experience exclusively to the residents and fans of Salt Spring Island
* Give as much as possible of the service away for free or very low-fees
* Provide an unparalleled platform for local business advertising

Here are some current stats as of the writing of this story that you might be interested in:

Average number of listings per day: 75
Average number of listings per year: 25,000
Approximate number of listings posted since 2008: 75,000
Number of registered members on the daily email list: 3,048
Number of registered members of the site: 6,774
Twitter Followers: 545
Facebook Fans: 3,912
Average number of people who use the site each day: 3,200
Average number of people who use the site each month: 15,000
Average impression for each display ad per week: 10,000
Average number of page views per day: 10,307
Total page views in the last 12 months: 3,762,132

(These are numbers from this one site only and not from a conglomerate of media sites. All site numbers are verified by Google Analytics averaged between November 30th, 2010 and November 30th, 2011. See report below.)

Wow! All this from an island with an official population somewhere around 10,000 with fans and part-time residents around the world who use the site. Amazing!

And while the numbers are amazing, the stories we hear of the connections people have made and how the Exchange has helped them in personal ways, is the real reward for the community and us.

We love this island and we do this work as our little part in helping to support our community. If you keep using this service, we'll keep supporting it. If you're interested in reaching the Salt Spring community to promote your product or service. Consider advertising on the Exchange.

Thank you and happy 2011 to you all,

Christopher Roy & Suzanne Little
Co-founders of The Salt Spring Exchange

Google Analytics Visitors Overview - Year View -  Nov 30, 2010 - Nov 30, 2011

Google Analytics Visitors Overview - Month View - Nov 1, 2011 - Nov 30, 2011

December 6, 2011 3:49 PM

  • nader says:

    A great success! Thank you two for making a wonderful difference, and truly helping this island thrive.

  • sallyipf says:

    Add my gratitude to that, for a marvellous and timely service. Thanks, guys!

  • Tommy Hooper says:

    Excellent work Christopher and Suzanne!!

  • Linda James says:

    This is a great service! Thanks again!

  • steph says:

    I appreciate the time and energy you put into making this site for us and keeping it up. What a great idea you had there!!! Thanks so much!